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Instrumental Chamber Music

Consonanze Stravaganti

Vivaldi’s Musical Heritage: An elegant display of string virtuosity with music (for two violins and continuo) by Buonamente, Castello, Corelli, Marini, Storace, Frescobaldi, Rossi, Pasquini, featuring Vivaldi’s variations on ‘La Folia’.



German chamber music by Bach, Handel, Telemann & Pachelbel for flute, recorder, violin & harpsichord

Rachel Moss (recorder & baroque flute)
Linda Hannah-Andersson (baroque violin)
Kah-Ming Ng (harpsichord)

Music for Despots

Chamber music for the ducal and royal courts of Europe: CPE Bach, JS Bach, Fasch, Heinichen & Vivaldi

Nicholas Benda (baroque oboe & oboe d'amore)
Camilla Scarlett (baroque violin)
Michael Brain (baroque bassoon)
Kah-Ming Ng (harpsichord)



Vocal Chamber Music

The Fayrest Quene

The Life & Times of Queen Elizabeth I revealed through the Sonnets of William Shakespeare, featuring Elizabeth’s Tilbury Speech, with Songs & dances by Byrd, Dowland, Gibbons, Philips.

Isobel Collyer, reader & soprano
Layil Barr, bass viol & recorders
Kah-Ming Ng, virginals

The Three Countertenors

A riotously entertaining account of music for three equal voices, from Dering, Monteverdi, Schuetz, Couperin to Gershwin, Porter and Weill.


Singing in Secret

Choral Music by Recusant Composers from the Golden Ages of Elizabeth I of England & Philip II of Spain.
William Byrd’s Mass in Three Parts, Marian Hymns & Antiphons; Guerrero’s Villannescas Espirituales;
Also keyboard & vocal music by Bull, Cabezon & Tallis

Henry Jones, counter tenor; Alastair Carey, tenor; Jon Stainsby, bass; directed by Kah-Ming Ng, chamber organ



The Oxford Psalms

Domestic Devotional Anthems & Psalms from 17th-century England for 3 Men and a Band

The Lord of the Armada


Charivari Agréable Simfonie - The Orchestra